Jan 01 (1)

DAY #1

My name is Murray Maynard.
I am a survivor of the apocalypse.
On November 2nd 1991, a new drug called Fosinopril was trialled for patients with primary hypertension.
Preliminary results were successful, and systemic arterial blood pressure was markedly reduced in almost all subjects, showing no obvious side effects...
Upon the death of the subject, the dormant chemical reacted violently with human tissue since the immune system could not fight back. This unforseeable complication created muscle cells that could function entirely anaerobically... amongst other symptoms.
Before 'infected' corpses underwent rigor mortis, fading brain functions restarted bodily motion...
Essentially, the dead came back to life.
Only low level brain funtion remained. That of a hungry animal. A hungry, flesh-eating animal.
These 'walkers' started attacking farm animals, but soon turned their attention to the protective farmers, and inevitably developed a taste for human flesh.
Things were still to worsen, though. Another symptom of this unfortunate reaction caused saliva to induce a similar state in living hosts...
One bite. One bite, and you become
Sounds like something out of a film doesn't it?
The living dead started off few in number, but one would bite two, two would bite four, and so on, until 99% of the worlds population was either infected or dinner.
I am in the 1% that has avoided 'the horde'.
I have been trained, since birth, by my parents, to prevent being infected or even noticed by the zombies.
This blog is my survival guide.
You can learn my techniques.
But for now, I must go... They're drawn towards the light.
Until tomorrow,